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What is Expanded Learning?

Expanded - also known as Extended - Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are hands-on, credit-bearing courses outside of the traditional classroom with an emphasis on community-based

career exploration.


ELOs are highly personalized opportunities for students to engage in learning in ways that make sense for them and connect their learning to everyday life in relevant and meaningful ways.

That means ELOs are a unique mix of academic instruction and assignments (ex. papers and presentations) alongside experiential learning components (ex. project-based learning options, internships, and job shadows).

Frequently, students work with professionals in their community who become “mentors” to them in their areas of expertise. Experiences can be long-term and take the form of a semester or year-long study or short-term, where the experience is shaped as a job shadow, community interview, or a visit from a community guest speaker.

ELOs provide relevant real-life experiences for students and increase awareness for students and teachers about local businesses, organizations, and opportunities in their communities. These experiences provide students a non-traditional learning opportunity where they have the chance to experience academic success and real-world success.


ELOs also connect students to their community, which is a powerful tool in stemming the out-migration of young talent from rural communities especially. Student energy, initiative, skills, voice, and interests are invaluable to local economies.

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